A mutual love for wood

The Artisan factory emerged from the traditional woodwork shop Ćostović, which conveyed all its love towards wood and 50-year experience of wood processing into it. Artisan specializes in the manual production of high quality furniture made from solid wood, and this insistence on manual, artisan work is what sets us apart. We acquired our first experiences by producing furniture for Dutch and British designers, and we started our own first collection in collaboration with the regional designers in 2007. Since then, our aim has been to reaffirm the philosophy that guides us with each collection, each piece of wood, with each designer’s vision and a diligent craftsman's touch.


In 2014, Interlam Corporation saw the beauty and the brilliance of Artisan’s products. In 2015 both companies decided to work together to bring this outstanding line of furniture to North America.


Interlam is the world leader in the design and manufacture of architectural wall panels and components. Worldwide sales and shipping based in Mount Airy, North Carolina!


They love wood too!



An industrial designer from Split with Italian background. After seven years of fruitful cooperation with Ettore Sottsass he opened his own design studio in Milan and recently one in Belgrade. He has designed for many world brands 3M, Dada Cucine, Fratelli Guzzini, Molteni&C, Nambe', Segis, and others. He has won almost all design awards, and his works have been exhibited in famous museums like MAK Wien, ICA Boston, MoMA NY, Ozone Centre Tokyo, etc.




Gud is a project of the designers Alexandre Kumagai and Paulo Neves, a collective based in Porto - Portugal. In 2010, with a few years of experience in the area, but working apart, the "gud" idea began to take shape and both decided it was time to carry out this experience on a collective project. Gud is about design, objects, spaces and stories - the “conspiracy” for something new and meaningful. With great attention to detail, they try to take the best from the materials.




Born in 1970 in Tuzla, Ado Avdagić, the founder of the studio ‘Avado’, designs furniture and interiors focusing on the creation of organic shapes. Through his works he contemplates about the relationship between a man, nature and form in space, and he designs functional, ergonomic and aesthetically convincing solutions. He has exhibited at international fairs too.




Salih Teskeredžić is an internationally renowned Bosnian designer with offices in Vienna and Sarajevo. His designs have been successfully produced in numerous European countries. He has exhibited at all significant European fairs and has organized solo exhibitions in Vienna and Sarajevo. He has received local and international awards for his work.




A part of a group of young Croatian designers who started working together while studying design in Zagreb. Their works have been hosted by many exhibitions, and they have received prestigious international awards. They are involved in industrial and graphic design, interior and multimedia design.




Yoav Avinoam and Gil Sheffi founded Producks design studio in 2012. Based in Tel Aviv the studio's work is a constant search for the balance between manufacturing techniques, materials, cultural context and identity. Their work have exhibited around the world and the studio work varies from furniture to mass produced products , while doing so Yoav and Gil always keeping an open mind while experimenting on design in their workshop, which, is the heart of their design methodology.




In 1993, Michael Schneider founded designschneider in Cologne and moved to Berlin in May 2009. Designschneider is dedicated to product, furniture and exhibition design as well as trend research. Designschneider has an international client base and is committed to designing new products which are unique, beautiful and functional.




More than 300 international awards and more than 3,000 works produced in the fields of fashion, interior design, furniture, lighting, art and music – this is Karim Rashid, one of the most significant designers of our time whose numerous creations adorn homes and offices, as well as many museums and galleries.




A renowned Croatian design trio founded Grupa in Zagreb in 2004. Working in product and set design, they have collected a number of professional awards for their work so far. They began collaborating with Artisan in 2007 with the Basic Furniture Collection, for which they received an honorable reward by the Croatian Designers Society.




Gabriela Bellon is an Argentinean architect and interior designer who established her career in her native Argentina and Germany before moving to Sarajevo a couple of years ago, where she has been engaged in furniture design and production. Gabriela has been collaborating with Artisan since the time when she lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




Amir Vuk Zec is one of the most famous Bosnian architects who has worked as an architect, set designer, interior designer and product designer in Sarajevo for as many as 30 years. He is the founder of the New Way architect studio. He has won numerous awards for his work in all fields, and held a number of solo exhibitions.




We are Nikolaj and Kasper. We are Says Who Design. We are furniture designers – and we are passionate about Scandinavian design. Says Who design and develop furniture for international brands and manufacturers. Our style is simple, functional and filled with character. Our strength is in the combination of good design, thought-through solutions and solid business understanding. Says Who is based in Denmark.






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